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Part 5-10 Lakes Near Tahoe…Angora Lakes

Paul Smith said on September 4th, 2010 filed under: ACTIVITIES, LOCAL AREA PHOTOS, PLACES TO SEE

Angora Lakes are located near Fallen Leaf Lake in South Lake Tahoe.

Lower Angora

A friend at work lent me a book about mountain bike trails at Lake Tahoe. As I read through it I noticed a trail up to Angora Lakes. That evening I drove to Fallen Leaf Lake with some friends to give the trail a try. We arrived at the trail head parking area and and saw an area map. The map showed the lakes were only a mile away.

The first lake on the trail has a few cabins that are accessible by rowboat. They look like a great place to spend the weekend.

9 StoreAs we came to the second lake, I was surprised to see a small store with a gift shop and snack bar. The storekeeper claimed they make the worlds best lemon-aid, but I was in a bit of a hurry so I told her I will try it next time. They also have several cabins and boats for rent. The cabins rent by the week and are usually booked several months in advance.  The store keeper told me about a hike that has beautiful views of both Angora Lakes, Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Tahoe.  So I gathered up the gang and off we went.

After only a few minutes we were climbing up the side of a hill and had lost the trail. We ended up on the south side of the lake and sat on a huge boulder and watched people enjoying the lake by rowboats and paddle boards.

South side of Angora Lake

As we started our hike back, we came across another trail that lead us up the same hill side. It was a fairly steep hike to the top, but the views were just as incredible as the storekeeper described. From the back side of the hill we could also see the remains of the Angora fire and just how destructive it really was.

We found what we thought would be a much easier way down, but of course it was not without its challenges. There was a field of granite boulders that looked as though they were from a landslide. It was fun to find our way through the large boulders andend up back at the lake.


This was a fun day hike and I would consider renting a cabin here.

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If you have been to any of these lakes, please share your experience in the comment box below.

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