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Part 3 of 10 Flights from the Truckee Tahoe Airport (KTRK)

Toni Smith said on January 18th, 2011 filed under: ACTIVITIES, FLYING, LOCAL AREA PHOTOS, PLACES TO SEE

Flight from Truckee (KTRK) to Chester, Rogers Field Lake Almanor (O05)

It was one of those days in the winter, that you  say to yourself, “This is a good day to take a flight.”  In the winter it is important to take advantage of those days, as sometimes you may not be able to take your plane out of the hanger for up to 3 weeks.

We arrived at the airport mid-morning to find a fellow pilot at his hanger and proposed we take a flight of two to get some lunch. We were thinking of Quincy (Gansner Field 201), and before you knew it we were ready to depart. Him and his wife in their plane and Paul and me in ours.

Flight from Truckee Tahoe Airporty

We established a common frequency to communicate on and we were off.

Lake Almanor

The weather lately has been producing fog in the valley, so wouldn’t you know, as we approached the valley where Quincy is located, the airport was no where to be seen.

After communicating some different choices, we decided to head north to Susanville. While maneuvering that direction, and checking with the AWOS at nearby airports, we changed our plans in flight and decided to check out Lake Almanors Airport, Rogers Field (O05), located in the town of Chester.

There was fog over parts of Lake Almanor, but the runway area was as clear as could be.

Lake Almanor Airport

After we landed, we headed into town on foot and stumbled upon a new Mexican Restaurant that was nearby. We all had an appetite and the food was good! We had a great time talking about airplane trips we had taken with our friends. It was a great day of flying. Sometimes the best experiences are the impromptu ones.


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Truckee Tahoe Aiprort

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