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Alpine Meadows, 96145

A wonderful area to retreat to, located less than 10 minutes away from Tahoe City

Alpine Meadows  boasts the famous Alpine Meadow Ski Resort,  which creates a lot of activity in the winter. In the summer Alpine Meadows offers a fantastic area to hike. The popular Five Lakes hike starts right there.
Located in the Sierra Nevada crest between Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley, the shallow basin of Five Lakes sits in an easily accessible corner of the Granite Chief Wilderness. Although you hike up 1,000 feet of elevation in about 2 miles, it is still a fairly easy and popular hike, its a good hike to take in the early morning or early evening because those granite rocks can create a lot of heat. Not only is the hike to Five Lakes a good leg stretcher, you will also see granitic bedrock to volcanic rocks and pristine wilderness. If the day is warm and you have worked up a sweat, the lake, albeit they are cold, they will refresh. The USDA Forest Service strongly discourages hikers from bringing your 4 legged pets to Five Lakes, so heed the principles of Zero Impact.
There are many homeowners here who call Alpine Meadows home all year around. Expect to accumulate lots of snow in the winter, and the melt off can take a while, but when the wildflower come into bloom and you are hiking up Hot Wheels Gully and experience them, it makes it all worth it. Lots of wildlife call Alpine Meadows home also. While hiking on the slopes in the past, I have experienced seeing marmots and grouse, just to mention a few. Located at the entrance to Alpine Meadows on Alpine Meadows Road are 2 great places to eat, River Ranch and the Pacific Crest Cafe. Come experience and enjoy!

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