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Part 3 of 10 Flights from the Truckee Tahoe Airport (KTRK)

Toni Smith said on January 18th, 2011 filed under: ACTIVITIES, FLYING, LOCAL AREA PHOTOS, PLACES TO SEE

Flight from Truckee (KTRK) to Chester, Rogers Field Lake Almanor (O05)

It was one of those days in the winter, that you  say to yourself, “This is a good day to take a flight.”  In the winter it is important to take advantage of those days, as sometimes you may not be able to take your plane out of the hanger for up to 3 weeks.

We arrived at the airport mid-morning to find a fellow pilot at his hanger and proposed we take a flight of two to get some lunch. We were thinking of Quincy (Gansner Field 201), and before you knew it we were ready to depart. Him and his wife in their plane and Paul and me in ours.

Flight from Truckee Tahoe Airporty

We established a common frequency to communicate on and we were off.

Lake Almanor

The weather lately has been producing fog in the valley, so wouldn’t you know, as we approached the valley where Quincy is located, the airport was no where to be seen. Read the rest of this entry »

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New snow at the Tahoe Cross Country Ski Center, Tahoe City, Ca 96145

Toni Smith said on December 17th, 2010 filed under: ACTIVITIES, COMMUNITY, EVENTS, LOCAL AREA PHOTOS, LOCAL NEWS, PLACES TO SEE

More snow to Cross Country Ski in near Tahoe City

Cross Country Skiing Tahoe CityAs promised by the weather forecast, we woke up to 10 inches of new snow this morning. After clearing the driveway we headed straight to the Tahoe Cross Country ski center to make some tracks in the fresh powder.  When we arrived at the parking lot, it was almost full.  To my surprise we only saw 3 people while we were out on the trails.

We headed out to Lakeview  on the freshly groomed trails.  Lakeview Trail is located near the warming hut on the Orange Trail.  The warming hut is a great place to get a drink of water or make some tea or cocoa.

Cross Country Skiing Tahoe City

When we arrived at Lakeview we saw that it had not been groomed, so we broke a trail to the top.  The view from the top of  is well worth the trek up.  Plus we knew we would be coming down the trail in almost a foot of fresh powder.

Cross Country Skiing Tahoe City

Once back at the Lodge, we enjoyed a warm cup of coffee at the Free Heel Cafe.  The cafe has a simple but great menu.  This is a great place to sit by the fire, and share about the wonderful adventures you had that day.

I hear we are in for a lot more snow this weekend, so I can’t wait to get back up there. Whether you are striding or skating, its an awesome place to be.

Enjoy the rest of my photos below

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This weeks skiing at the Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area at Lake Tahoe, Ca 96145

Paul Smith said on December 14th, 2010 filed under: ACTIVITIES, LOCAL AREA PHOTOS, LOCAL NEWS, PLACES TO SEE

This weeks skiing at the Tahoe Cross Country Ski area was incredible!

Cross country skiing Lake Tahoe

Last Saturday the trails at the Nordic Center were great.  I skied to the top of Gold trail where the snow coverage was still plentiful.  The higher I went the deeper the snow.

Last Sunday I headed out to the fiberboard.  The last leg, Extra Gold, has not been groomed, but is still ski-able.  On the way up I saw two sets of tracks.  The first set was from a skier that had made it up about three quarters of the way.  The second set of tracks were from a bear that also made it about three quarters of the way, these were the biggest bear tracks that I had ever seen.  Coming back down was great.  There was plenty of snow and very few obstacles.

Cross country skiing Lake TahoeOn Monday I traversed my way up the front side of Lakeview.  I was able to follow snow shoe tracks about half way up the hill. When I got to the top the snow was thin, but still ski-able.

Today was the first day I was not able to go cross country skiing due to weather conditions.  It rained all morning and slowly turned to snow as the day went on.

Hopefully the snow will continue throughout the night and make for good skiing tomorrow.

If you would like to check the weather for tomorrow I recently found a great site: The Weather Geek of Tahoeloco.com


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Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area in the Highlands, Tahoe City, Ca

Paul Smith said on November 28th, 2010 filed under: ACTIVITIES, LOCAL AREA PHOTOS

Skiing at the Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area in the Highlands.

Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area

On a snowy day striding can be a great alternative to skate skiing; yesterday was one of those days. The snow was light and the Center had not been groomed yet so I took out the striding skis and had a great time. Snow shoeing is also a lot of fun when the snow is falling.

Map for Ski area

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More Snow For Tahoe City, Lake Tahoe CA

Paul Smith said on November 21st, 2010 filed under: ACTIVITIES, LOCAL AREA PHOTOS, PLACES TO SEE

Sunday morning began with more fresh SNOW.

Tahoe Snow Shoeing

This morning I went to the Tahoe City Cross Country Ski Area, located in the Highlands near Tahoe City.  There were several excited people there just waiting for the groomers to get started.  The driveway had been plowed and the shop employees were setting up the store and rental department.  I’m not sure if the center is officially open but there were quite a few people standing around with their skis.

Everyone seemed very busy, so I thought I should give them a few hours to get set up.

I got back to the center with my snowshoes around 1:00pm and I saw several people skiing on the freshly groomed trails.  I put on my snowshoes, a big grin and headed out across the fresh powder.  After about the first ten feet of snowshoeing I could not believe how deep the snow was.  Every step was like picking up a shovel full of snow with my foot and throwing it in front of me.  I told myself, “I’m not going to stop until I get to the first warming hut”, so on I went.  After about an hour I arrived at the spot where I knew the warming hut should be, but it was not there yet.  I decided I’d gone far enough, so I  turned around and headed back.

Tahoe Snow Shoeing

On the way back I saw more people skiing and having a great time.  If you decide to go snowshoeing tomorrow, I broke a great trail for you.

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