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While the North Lake Tahoe consist of subdivisions and 4 post offices (Tahoe City 96145, Carnelian Bay 96140, Tahoe Vista 96148 and Kings Beach 96143), we are an unincorporated area.

Some of the areas still have private water companies associated with it. But for the most part the Tahoe City PUD and the North Tahoe PUD supply water and sewer service to these areas.

The terrain on the North Shore is stepper than on the West Shore. Creating more opportunities for Lakeviews properties. The lakefronts you will find for sale on the North Shore have mostly smaller lots and are located at street level or below. There are always exceptions to the rule when speaking about Lake Tahoe Properties. The water is deeper here, so if you have a pier chances are your pier will be in the water more than not, as opposed to the westshore piers. The reason, the previous years snowpack. You will also find shared ownership lakefront properties. This might be a way you would want to go.

In the Tahoe City area you will find lakefront homes, Lakefront condo/townhome complexes, restaurants, motels, shops and groceries stores. There is also Commons Beach, the site of the Farmers Market, Tahoe City Free Concerts and much more. Read by blog about what to do and see in Tahoe City

In Carnelian Bay you will find lakefront homes, cabins, a lakefront condo/townhome complex, a condo/townhome complex(Carnelian Woods) near the water and a few restaurants( CB pizza, Gardwoods & the OPO) and a 7/11. There is also lake access at Patton beach with BBQs, picnic tables and a pier (Which is the site for the annual Polar Bear Swim).

In the Tahoe Vista area you will find a wide assortment of Hotels/Motels, beach access, restaurants, Lakefront homes and cabins backing to the forest.

In the Kings Beach area, which is quite large you will find many shops, a Safeway, lots of restaurants, Kings Beach State Park, Old Brockway Golf course and much more. There are a lot of lakefronts here also, as well as small cabins on 50 foot wide lots.


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